USP: Breaking down the walls!

It's so funny how our systems don't talk anymore

It happens in every walk of life – something happens and people stop communicating.  We have all experienced it and it is not very nice, but what makes us want to fix it is that we remember what it was like when we did communicate well and enjoyed the alignment that results from this. 

The ‘sad’ think about many businesses is that we casually accept that businesses, departments, systems and teams don’t talk.  Since we never had a time when there was good communication, we complain about it in the annual surveys, but don’t feel empowered to change the status quo. 

What if there was a way to enhance communication across the business to listen to others or their systems and to respond in a positive way and enjoy the harmony and power that results from an aligned approach?  Well now there is.  The AchieV Business Optimizer allows for real-time communication between teams to facilitate enhanced sharing of successes and issues alike.  By creating a more transparent way of working, we can create a situation that is more like the ‘before the argument’ and create the picture of what good communication is like.

Of course an IT system can not provoke this on its own, and it will always depend on how the leadership in an organization is using the power of the system and its information...

That's why AchieV is not only implementing the perfect tool but also brings the perfect guidance and coaching in order to utilize the maximum potential of your organization...

Who can I talk to about the late order my customers have called me about?

No matter how good your internal organization is trained and focused and no matter how eager they are to excel in performance, you will always be depending on equal behaviors and performances of your suppliers… And the bigger the difference between your own level of performance and your suppliers level of performance, the higher the frustration when it happens again.

With the AchieV Business Optimizer you can not only support the routines of your own Lean company but also reach out to all your suppliers and incorporate them into the KPI structure of your organization and the scope of your AchieV system.

You will see their performance against the KPI you determine, you will have access to all of their corrective actions, and you will have standard performance dialogue routines designed in AchieV, guiding you to bring your excellence thinking across to your suppliers.

With the AchieV Business Optimizer you will not only have 100% transparency of the performance of your own organization but also of all your suppliers.

For those who can think even beyond this:
What if you would offer this functionality to your customers to have a service KPI of yourself?
What if your customers could see all your actions to improve your service level to them...
Would that not be a competitive advantage in the market in comparison of what your competition is offering to them?

I haven't even heard of that place - it begins with a G…....

It has been hectic, and business has never been busier.  The results for the last month come in.  They are not quite as expected.  The orders were higher than normal, but the output hasn’t met demand, and you have to explain the variances.  In all honesty, how can you be expected to know why some shifts are under-performing. It is probably down to volume and mix – this is the phrase that seems to hide a multitude of variability in performance. 

You call the Operations manager to get the details. The person in front of you starts to explain how the operation is performing and some of the challenges that are being faced on the front line. The Operations manager suggests that if you really want to know the answers, then you should visit the Gemba.

Where – you know the sites you are responsible for, but this one is new. Where is Gemba? The Operations Manager explains that this is Japanese for where the work gets done. In your head, you are thinking that your day is already busy enough without having to go on more site trips.

Well, then you hear about a way of getting information about the Gemba without physically travelling.  It is called the AchieV business optimizer and it enables you to really see how each shift is performing and which problems are being solved in real time from your desk.  Of course, it is not a substitute for visiting the Gemba, but it does provide all the reports you need, but will also help you to take actions that will improve it for the next month.

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