Will we ever get back to NORMAL?
                                                                    Would that even be the right thing to do?

COVID-19 made the world aware that we cannot trust the past and the present to stay and to continue unchanged. What do we learn from the current disruption for ourselves and for our businesses going forward?

It is interesting to see that the Chinese term for “crisis” has two parts. One for “danger” and one for “opportunity”. Which one would you like to focus on? AchieV decided to put the focus on the second one and to help businesses to turn this unwanted and unexpected disruption into a business opportunity.


From discussions with different industries over the last weeks we know that there are different phases every business has to go through. Firstly, we have to ensure cash flow and liquidity and to keep the business running as best as we can.

So how do you for instance know that you are having the best approach with your customers and suppliers in place to manage the current situation?
Which of your supply chains are still working - today - and what are the alternatives to produce or store your goods for your customers? What further disruptions can be expected, if the situation continuous to be like this for the coming months? Sometimes one single process step will make the supply chain stop, impeding that your product could be completed. Many companies find out that it is time to improve your business risk management as well.

  • Do you have real-time transparency about your business processes and your ‘Standards’ and about your business performance?
  • Are your processes and standards robust and at the same time flexible enough to deliver in tough times also? 
  • Do your people co-operate appropriately along your value chains supporting each other. The current situation is a practice test what your real maturity is in the field of agility.

Is it more than buzzwords and cargo cult and CEO sneakers? You will see and feel it now.

So, COVID-19 is taking us out of our comfort zones, if we want it or not. COVID-19 is going to show all of us where the next improvement opportunities are, and if we really have done our homework in the past. COVID-19 will show us the “new normal”, how we will make successful business in the future. 

In the Whitepapers “How does NORMAL look like in an ABNORMAL reality?” and “How can I help my business to survive the increased disruption caused by COVID 19?” we have already described more elements of how to cope with these difficult times.

If you would like to discuss your current crisis management approach with experienced senior people who have seen many small and big disruptions in different industries, you might want to have a free of charge dialogue with one of our AchieV experts. If so, please leave your contact details and a preferred date of contact below. Or read more about this topic by clicking below...

During this first contact we will have a mutual introduction, talk about your biggest challenges at the moment and immediately reflect on what we/you could do to start improving. AchieV is there to achieve together with you what is needed to survive these difficult times…