How can I manage the performance of my team when they are working remotely?

The reason why there should be more focus now on managing your team when working remotely is because the assumption that this is just a temporary thing which will disappear soon, is most likely a false assumption! We, from AchieV, would like to see this more as designing our new standards for the future at the moment. In our whitepapers “How does NORMAL look like in an ABNORMAL reality?” and “Will we ever get back to NORMAL? Would that even be the right thing to do?" we already described the potential permanent nature of a number of things we now suddenly started doing in this crisis-mode.
So it is better do take a closer look at what we can do to improve the current situation rather than going back to the old situation. This is a smart thing to do if this is going to last longer than we think/hope, AND it is a smart thing to do if it returns again in the future…

As managers - who want to become the inspirational leaders they always admired so much - we have to ensure that our teams perform in this different work environment. But we want it to be even better than before.
Questions managers ask themselves are:
- How to stay connected with the team members in remote locations?
- How to manage the performance of my team?
- How to monitor the progress of work of my team? 
- How to make sure they also are encouraged to go the extra mile, even now at home?

Questions to clarify with the teams, in order to achieve this are:
- What is the current level of trust and confidence we have in our team?
- Which rules do we need to work together (support each other and cooperate) in an efficient way?
- How do we want to/need to communicate one-to-one and as a team? 
- Do we run a “day start” in the morning to create transparency? What is the standard agenda? What is the correct timing and duration?
- How to describe the tasks clear enough so that we can complete the work without having a permanent need for additional information?
- How to make our exchange meetings more efficient? (face to face meetings have the same problem to solve)
- How do we give feedback and share learnings?

Managers may also reflect on their role regarding clarity of goals and roles, of direction and focus, on communication, trust and leading from a distance. Having a coach and/or experience exchanging with other managers/leaders will also help.

AchieV has many standard tools, methods and best practices gathered from previous projects which are fit fr purpose to utilize in this special crisis situation. So if you would like to have a look at how to optimize the remote working environment for your teams: AchieV is there to help you. Just click below and ask for a free-of-charge orientation session with one ...