Forget Continuous Improvement. I just want to survive!

Part of the objective of any organization in the current climate will be to assess the supply chain with questions such as:

- Which parts of the extended organization are vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19?

- Can we mitigate some of these risks with revised replenishment strategies with our suppliers and

- How do the short-term goals need to be revised to ensure survival initially and then improvement?

- How can the Continuous Improvement team be redirected to support the updates to the strategy?

- What changes are required in the way that the Continuous Improvement team to ensure that they
  are successful with different needs?

Acknowledging that the needs of the business are different during this time is a critical step in ensuring survival and allows the organization to pivot to tackle the immediate challenges. Following on from that there are further opportunities:

- How to we weave the short-term priorities with the longer-term aspirations?

- What solutions to immediate challenges will also align with longer term goals to minimize the U-turns or rework in the future?

- What can be learned from the new ways of working that can be incorporated to normal practice so that the organization doesn’t just get back ‘normal’, but
  actually emerges from the pandemic in a stronger form?

- How do organizations ensure that the skills gained through reviewing the strategy and executing new short-term goals in a virtual environment get shared
  to raise the capability of the organization as a whole?

The members of the AchieV team have grown up in a global virtual environment and consequently have been fortunate to have experience that can be shared. To find out more, please contact AchieV to book a free consultation.