What are my standards in times of chaos?

“The ultimate measure of a leader is not how he/she behaves in moments of comfort, but how he/she behaves at times of challenge and controversy.”  (Martin Luther King)

And this is how people in an organization will look at the leadership of that organization in times of crisis and chaos. It is very easy to end up in chaos when something disruptive comes along as COVID-19. Your customer demand is changing as never before, your suppliers are not sure about their business continuity, your own task-force can not work anymore as they were used to, some might be sick...

And this is exactly when the difference is made between the true leaders and the ones who are not there yet. 

The most important behavior of true leaders is to show consistent behavior. If you are a constant display of balance, motivation and confidence and you give direction, clarity and comfort to those who are seeing you as their leader and role model, only then you will be seen as a true leader.

When the standards in an organisation are not fully in place, the direction and clarity can be missing for the people and this can lead to risks in the workplace. When things are unclear and standards are missing, people are forced to improvise in unusual situations. This introduces variance in the execution of the work processes leading to unpredictable outcomes. This variance will increase risk for safety, risk for quality and risk for stable operations.

The solution lies in having the right standards in place. People often think of standards increasing inflexibility and hindering the ability to adapt to crises and new situations.  Our opinion is that having the right standards enables rapid responses to changing situations.  Martial arts uses modular sets of standards that can be combined flexibly to allow a match to be won.

If you recognize this scenario in your organization or would like to know more about how new standards can help your organization to adapt to COVID-19 challenges, if you would like to know more about how to manage the new risks in the most efficient way, please schedule a free call with one of our experts below. Or read more by clicking on below button.